Ikan-ikan Srampangan..

I guess.. i really started to WHACKY


Do you want to know why ..?
Here's the story ..

Yesterday, Mr. Cholik notify about Justin Michie Contests <<< CLICK!!!
By answering just one question
we can get $ 100!

Wow! It seems simple enough ..
This is a challenge for me! I think I am getting smart, crazy and excited
every time knowing there is a big prize contest. Bwahahahahaaaa ..

Justin will give prizes for the most creative answers and
the funniest
. Yeayyy!!! That made me even more mad.. xixixixiiii..

For Justin this question:
“What’s your favorite traffic getting technique?”

My answer is this:
hmmm.. Okey Justin, let me try to answer..
My favorite technique for getting traffic is :
1. published an interesting article
2. provide appropriate information and the latest
3. adds an interesting picture
4. using sentences trendy and easy to understand
5. give some jokes to article
6. reply to comment
7. establish good communication with readers so that they always want to come back again
8. return visits to blog of the commentators
9. giving some souvenir for loyal readers and commentators

I hope my 9th great secret is what you’re looking for
$ 100 for 9 great secret seems fair enough..!

so how do you think, Justin?
Can I be one of your contest winners?
hahahaaa… I’m just kidding, I hope that will become reality
who knows..!

by the way, I still have 1 last secret.
This is the secret tricks that I rely on.
I can share it with you but not now.
someday, Justin..
The day when I have received your contest prize.. hahahaaaaa

Best regards,
:D Novee
(Sinopi-Miss Srampangan)

What do you think? Is it possible I could be one of the winners?

My friend, Tan said:
What a very serious act..!
If he did not laugh laughing, it might be already broken laughing veins
I pray with all my heart you get the $ 100's

So .. What are you waiting for?
Hurry! Come to Justin Blog
and be participants!

You never know everything could really belong to you
if you do not ever try!

Go now!!! Reach!!! I wish you luck..!

7 komentar:

Plesiran mengatakan...

I'm very glad to see you again here. Finally you get up and start writing again, this is good.

Hope you get the prize.

I love you so much honey he he he


ayuadine mengatakan...

wah, ini kliatannya yg dapet $100 dari Pa'de Justin (wekekek)

Anonim mengatakan...

Kata Sinopi :

tengkyu Pakde!
Semoga yg dapet $100 itu kita berdua ya..

iyakah..? kok bisa..
:D *kesenengan*

Delia mengatakan...

is it real mbak ?
wahhh Wish u get the prize...

btw .. i also have a gift that i want to share with u mbak..

Please look at my blog.... i was tagged your name in my list.. :)

arif mengatakan...

numpang BW ajah

arkasala mengatakan...

Saya berlangganan sebetulnya di Justin Michie ini, tapi gak pernah ke sana ...
rupanya banyak hal yang menarik.
Trims Mbak atas infonya he he
langsung go!!!

Ciciolina mengatakan...

very good ..
it's interesting for me, thank you .